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Everyone’s standard of “doing right” is a bit different.  We can all convince ourselves that we did right in the situations that we deny truth in.  Where there is guilt and or regret, we have a choice to tell a story that relieves the guilt and denies the truth, or we can show up and own what we would have done differently.  Owning our actions doesn't mean that we punish, or shame ourselves with guilt.

My truth and knowing in a situation can remain regardless of the truth that another has about that situation.  And it remains without any need to debate or gain agreement and compliance with another person.  

Your truth is is yours before you gain evidence, before you get approval, and before you meet a quota of “enough” people that “take your side”.  Living your truth  is not a courtroom with a jury that decides if your belief is valid, living your truth happens from within you, and your intuition and inner feeling is the jury.  The truth of your part sets you free to live a life of bliss and comfort.

Take an inventory, and notice if there are any moments that come where you initially have comfort in how you feel on a certain topic or event...and someone changes your mind, makes you doubt the thinking that felt comfortable and balanced till someone tipped your scale.

Have you made a connection with a thought on a topic and formed a deep inner feeling or opinion on that topic, and then had a person talk you out of it, or worse yet shamed you into thinking that your feelings are invalid?  Have you ever had a person speak about a practice you have like meditation, or a practice of choosing love over ego in a way that belittles or dismisses your sense of deep connection to it? Has a person ever mocked something that was super important to you, something that you hold as precious?

LIving your truth means that even though all the distractions and attempts to redirect  you from what feeds your truth come; you stay steadfast, secure and persistent with steady consistent effort to remain connected to YOU and what is your truth.

You become able to coexist with the disagreement and discomfort that others may have with your path..but, now you walk your steps even if they must take you away from what your path once was.  Your truth enables you to stay in constant contact with the guide which is within you.  You will become able to speak up and decline invitations that feel uncomfortable to you, and the moments of going along to keep peace while suffering in pain and fear just to avoid a person being angered with you will stop occurring.  

Start small, test your ability to float in shallow water at will come.  The language of your own voice and truth may be foreign to you if  you’ve created worn paths of what other people have dictated as the way your thinking “should” be.  One thought at a time; life begins to change...slow and steady; you will see, and you will become able to BE the peace you are beginning to see.

BE you...whatever you wish that to BE…

When you book a session package with me; I take you step by step towards your truth, and I guide you to make changes that will keep you on track and enable you to maintain a life living your authentic truth!

Love Tammy 

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