The hope, the dream and what comes to be reality…

The truth of you, the pure being that you ARE has no standards to measure up to, no quotas to meet and no image to maintain.  Your truth is WHO YOU ARE in each moment as it comes into existence. You are as worthy of love when you are sad as when you are giddy with joy.  Your presence in this world and in the space you share with others  is the same gift when you are the source of inspiration as it is when you need to be inspired.  The most vulnerable, emotional, sensitive part of you is your greatest asset, because those traits are the seeds that plant and expand love, and when love expands, the world has more love.   

Your light will never blind a person that desires to see you, instead they will be drawn to you with a force that they cannot explain.  Your desire to soar will not leave true love behind, the momentum and energy of your rise will be an energetic draw to the true love , and they will soar with you. Those who hold this love that is authentic and true can’t get enough of you; because true love is soul level love, it’s only motive and intention is to BE more of what it IS.  

This love is an energy that does  not recognize harm, it can only see and be what it is.  Love is all that it believes in.  What we believe is what is true; that which does not serve love just falls away, like a waterproof surface; the rain may come, but cannot penetrate.  Seek to BE abundant love that is waterproof to the rain of negative or anything other than pureness of more love.   Do not try to stop the rain, or change it, let it come, leave it to serve where it is needed to nourish and cleanse what needs it to grow while remaining unaffected by what does not serve you. Without your attachment to a need to change there is no conflict.   Accept the rain and remain protected from the storm with your faith, hope and belief remaining in the beauty that you know comes  after the storm.  The sun always rises to a better day. 

You deserve  to be loved the same when you are a ray of sunshine or a puddle of tears.  The laughter and the playful moments that exist within the souls who put their focus on that which is positive are able to stop to hold one another in sadness.  There is no fear of the joy running out or of loss because they know it has no limits.  The phone call just to say “hello”, and “ I love you”  on the days that lead to fun are easy because the mood is happy and not in need of being lifted. It’s during the  days when you need to know the most that someone still awaits your company, and stands by with an embrace. The days that you are not at your best, and your fear creeps in, when you can find what is flawed and give the power back to what drains you, that your moment can shift with a simple;  “It’s ok baby I’m here, we can just sit here until your heart is free of all your fear.”  It’s quite easy to share the times of play; but true love is when things are at their worst and our love is willing to stay.  Holding someone in their lowest breathes air into their rise to their highest. It  is a communion between souls that happens when two people are so full of love that they are able to give full love to another.  What is in abundance and of unlimited source is not in fear of losing, there is no limit; therefore there is no possibility of lack or not enough.  

When we know that we HAVE enough love within us, that it is limitless; we have no need to hold it back in case someone hurts us, or takes anything away from us.  The LOVE that you ARE can’t be taken away, it does not need to be defended against anything because there is nothing that has the ability to take it.  

The thought of holding  back your love, or to deny a relationship and a chance to receive love simply because you fear being hurt by something ending will not exist when you are able to live with this mindset.  If love is experienced for a day, a month, or many years, the experience of love still exists for you in those moments,  and any moment of love experienced is worth the moments that follow.  

If you never speak your most vulnerable desires, you will never have the chance to experience someone fulfilling them.  It is not pain, or a chip to your worth if you show yourself to someone that cannot fulfill you, it is simply your knowing that there is another person who will.  

BE your true self so that you can receive true love; never sacrifice or settle.  Settling only directs your spirit to believe that you don’t see it as worthy of the true love you desire. 

EXPERIENCE time with someone rather than SPEND time; having an experience is what we feel, what our spirit matches and our energy expands into.  Spending time is just the action of filling a space with something to do.  An experience does not require objects, or anything outside of the body, even words are not needed.  The soul level connection of having an experience with someone happens beyond words or actions, the energy of your souls dance together like feathers falling, it is silent, slow and unafraid of where it lands, allowing the simple, undisturbed flow of the air to move it. 

The connection is the energy; the feeling beyond the words or actions; loving or otherwise.  Words are just words; energy feels beyond the words. Even the words or actions of violence; it’s the pain behind the words, we must not receive the pain that is behind them.  The attack is not ON you; it is within the attacker.  

There is no agenda when two souls simply desire to know one another, there is no judgment of where one was before they came together, there is no past or future; just now, here.  This level of giving the love within you is not with motive to receive.  It is not given to GET back; it is giving to receive as one exchange.  Like the feather the undisturbed flow of the air and the breath in and out will move them forward.  

The disturbances of life events, and all that is outside of your being does not exist in this space, life happens, the world carries on; but it is not a part of this, the world moves at its own pace like clouds while you remain still like the sky.

If we come to exist in this way with ourselves first; we become able to receive this existence with another; we don’t have to look for them or ask for them; we simply allow them to join us.  This connection is beyond any control we could create, it is beyond our doing anything at all.  

Will you love me if I cry?

When I can’t find my smile,

Will you help me search, even if it takes miles?

Will you see my masterpiece beyond my mess?

Will you see my best first?

And still love me at my worst?

I encourage you to ask these questions; if you feel fear at the thought of asking that’s the first place to start looking for your truth!  Remain patient, there is no rush, your life will wait, your love will wait, This is the way...all the wisdom sits in the space where you are willing to just stay.

I believe in you!

Love Tammy

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