Still I rise...Rising into the view from a detached mind

     With a grateful heart, I honor the fact that I have the ability to see another side, to have compassion for things that are outside of my experience.  I am not losing a fight or showing weakness for holding back from speaking from anger or pain.  I know of the pain of feeling misunderstood, alone and not belonging, and it is enough to cause deep wounds and scars that hold the memory of the pain.  When I look into the eyes of the person that speaks with harsh words and strikes at me with weapons made of their breaking hearts.  I have a choice.  I can pick the scab of their unhealed wounds or I can add love to it and be a part of the healing.  I have the grace and strength of god within me, filling me with enough love to share.  God places me in situations because I am needed, because I am capable and I honor the tasks that I am given.  I am able to speak these words because someone chose to rise above my anger and see past my pain and inspire my light.  

     The battles that I thought I had to fight were my greatest teachers; I have gratitude for it all because if not for the fight, the pain and the sadness, I would not know the love, the healing and the joy.  We appreciate the opposite because we know of it.  The darkness makes us appreciate the light.

     My words here do not suggest that we allow abuse or neglect, loving boundaries need to be formed and upheld.  What I do encourage is that we can create these boundaries with love, not by slamming doors shut or forcing a change.  I simply suggest an attempt to rise above the attack; even if you attack back at an offense.  I have fought enough battles to know that there is no winner and no gain.  The fight robs all of the chance for love, it takes the light away and blocks any light from coming in.  

     I can inspire rather than interrogate, love instead of punish, and listen instead of lecture.  My example of living the Tao is a more valuable teacher and inspiration to others than making attempts at instructing.  A person in pain aches to be seen, screams to be heard...take the time to listen and the world is healed.  When we make the effort and take the time to heal someone we lead them to become a healer themselves.  Their experience of coming out of the darkness of their pain creates a light in them that goes on to light up the world, and the world certainly needs more of that.  Because you forgive; the forgiven learn forgiveness.  

     The world is aching for change, crying out for love.  The battle can be over when we stop the fighting.  I encourage all to seek direction in how to serve, and to honor the gift and blessing that you are.  You are here for a great purpose and you are a divine creation capable of abundant success.  Be who you were so carefully created to be.

With this loving heart minded thinking...we will come into the knowing of timing, when to stay, when to leave, and always the choices come with the confidence that we have within ourselves to make decisions in the highest good of ourselves and others.

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