Detaching enough so the words don’t carve holes...

The bruise, or even the break will heal and it is easier to forget...the words though...they swirl and flow in and out like the sea...little by little changing the shape of the shore.  Even the sand, the hard surface; even water changes it over time.  Like waves...sometimes they crash, sometimes they roll in smooth and barely touch the shore.  But they are still there, no matter how quiet and slow.

Detachment is a glass can still take in the beauty of the sea, hear the waves, smell the air...but the water is stopped by the wall.  Your spirit is the shore...the words and actions of others will always roll in; but when you can detach...then your spirit won’t get changed and worn away.

Acceptance teaches us that everyone has feelings, opinions, reactions and thinking all their own, and it is their god given will and right to BE who they are.  When relationships are in turmoil; it’s rare when the turmoil can be navigated with respect, without someone trying to wear the other down, say things that are mean, and attempt to inflict pain on their partner to match their own.

Changing the person, trying to convince them that their words are not true, fighting back, or putting any energy at all into changing their behavior so that it does not hurt  you is energy that could be used for better things.  Use your energy to send love towards the person.  Forgive them with enough love in yourself to remind yourself that you are not the pain they inflict.

Put up a glass wall, when you look at the person search for what you can recall as loving, remember loving words to replace the hurtful...It will pass like the waves and return to the great sea...soon it will be a memory...focus on yourself and be sure that you remember your own light.

The pain will pass...the sun will shine...all is well…

And so it is…

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