Believing beyond limits... back to the drawing board

     When you feel like you’ve tried everything...try again

When you’ve taken a chance at love again and it ends...try again.

Isn’t it just too common, too easy, too natural to believe that people are just mean, or bad, or that happiness just doesn’t exist?  To choose that the suffering is easier than taking the risk to believe in better?  Is it harder to face the judgment of the one that calls you a dreamer for looking on the bright side, than to believe anyway?  Is it easier to be a part of a crowd that exists in low energy, negative thinking than to risk being alone and in a higher state of energy?  What are you willing to pay for popularity?  What are you willing to risk for the reward of the contentment of your soul?

     When you’ve done all you can and the answers don’t come when you look in the mirror...look againThe drawing board is YOU, the pen is YOURS…it’s that one last look in the same spot that you’ve checked several times; the last pass over the path you’ve walked many times.  That’s where the glimmer of a dream sits, the idea for the project you want to create, the breakthrough solution to what’s been bothering your child, the moment you meet your true love soul mate.  The faith and belief that the answer is there creates the blank space to draw images, write the words and bring the dream into reality.  The belief that the solution exists is bigger than the solution itself, it may take longer, and require more effort than just accepting that status quo; but life is about so much more than that, and your life is worth the effort.

     Your vision can change, what is true will always remain . In your will and what raises the love within you will always be the ink...when the stroke of the pen comes from the place within you that is your truth...there are no limits to what you believe into your life...what you believe INTO your life is what your life comes to BE.  The world around you will not change; it is in you that the change takes place.  When your journey can become about your own choices and writing your own story and less about attempting to get the world to change so that you can be content and happy, you will awaken to a life that is more grand than any that you could imagine.  Your thinking leads to your actions; without the thought, an action cannot take place; there is a dance that happens between the mind and soul that is sacred, and when you find that rhythm it will change your being.  

     The rhythm will happen in all of your relationships, and you will begin to notice every part of  your life change.  It really is all within your power and control through what you’re thinking about.  Small steps, slow and steady, it all starts with  the belief that it’s possible. Start with whatever comes to you, no one has to see it, this is just you and your ink; dream a little, give a thought the honor of making it to the surface and see where it goes from there.  You don’t have to publish a book to be an author; and you don’t have to be a scholar to hold great wisdom...honor all that comes and allow the rhythm to be felt and move your steps.  Believe that the rhythm will match the steps and cause the flow all on it’s own. 

     Use the pen, until it comes FROM  you it cannot come TO you. Until your courage brings bravery to your pen and you expose what your wish to see the board remains blank your vision can only attract its partner and expand the source of itself when it comes into the light. 

The eyes that are meant to see will see...the heart that is meant to feel will feel. The energy of the heart shines a light on what the eyes will see. The one that will connect with your and merge into you has the source of light within them to see your masterpiece. And when this happens two merge and come together as two rivers that flow and expand into the wildness of the sea. Trials will come under the surface but the strength of the flow navigates all things. Together the love strength is beyond any power of trial .

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