LIVE YOUR TRUTH FROM YOUR ROOTS and spread your wings


I have been on a spiritual path all of my life, from the time that I was a little girl; having no fear exploring the wide open fields and trails through the woods that surrounded my house in upstate New York.  I sensed the safety and comfort of nature.


As I grew; it became less acceptable to be still and quiet.  It was more normal to be playing with friends, and more concerned with the details of birthday parties and who was friends with who.  Although I did enjoy my friends, and I was social...deep down...I had a sense that there was something bigger than me and the social events.  


When I got older; I looked deeper...and I came to know of the wisdom, guidance and comfort that was held in this stillness.  I felt things deeper, I sensed the unspoken words and I could feel the emotions of people around me more than others.  I learned quickly to keep this to myself, and for a while hid from the world.


When I was in my early 30’s I had several years of health issues that brought me to an emotional bottom...I realized that I had abandoned myself and made a decision to turn back and pick up where I had left myself.  The journey back was hard, I lost many people, but It all served me.  


I learned who loved me unconditionally, how to speak my truth, and how to see the signs when I met someone that would not be willing to serve my highest good.  I was guided to have compassion for those who did not have the capacity or will to exist with me, and to love myself enough to remain on my path.


So; here I am!  And here you are!  Together; we can join and walk together through your steps back to YOU.  

I have written a book “You Matter” as a product of my own journey back.  You don’t have to be lost, or feel alone.  There are many just like you, and there is a way to live the life you desire even if people in your life don’t like it!

I can help you find, love and stay true to your authentic self!